• Philosophy

    We believe in the true beauty of authenticity.

    Natural and high end quality & craftsmanship. Sustainability & materials that lasts over time and leave a legacy.

    Our collection is intuitively designed & carefully selected. Aligning our signature style of curated pieces and objects that we are honoured to be highlighting.

    A home, design of furniture or an object signed Apt Objects is for a new story to be written. To extend a serene & authentic feel to your home.

    Designed to open your heart. To enhance, uplift and elevate your space, to share a sophisticated yet effortlessly beautiful atmosphere - for you to find home to serenity inside out.


    ”Dying to be me” she said.

    A story from a deep longing to embrace who she really was. A journey into believe in her self, to follow her heart's desire and break free.

    A vision was born out of a long lasting love story for marble travertine. A visionary and her sensitivity and sense for the rebirth of the 70’s design to come back,

    for a new story to be written to lead with love.

    APT OBJECTS is based in Stockholm,

    founded by interior designer Ann-Sofie Ejdelund. 2019 she launched her first piece of travertine design.

    A slow start, to a few years later, connect to her beloved team. To truly embrace her vision and it’s design within the Apt Journey’s Collection.

    Established into gaining momentum, launching the Boutique in 2024

    Dreams come true.

    We are honored to invite you to our world within the Apt Journey.

    With Love,



    Apt / Apartment Objects Interiors - www.apartmentobjects.com