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Aimi low

Aimi low

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Design by Kasanai

Aimi’s organic and free-flowing shape becomes the captivating focal point of any home gathering when transformed into a coffee table. Select from a palette of colors to infuse added individuality and charm into this statement piece, ensuring a lasting impression in your living space. 

For those desiring Aimi’s distinctive charm in a more intimate setting, explore its dining table variant. Elevate your space with the unique and unforgettable design of Aimi, turning every coffee moment into an extraordinary experience.

For international shipping & made to measure pieces please contact us. 


L 200 cm x W 100 cm | L 220 cm x W 110 cm | L 240 cm x W 118 cm | L 260 cm x W 130 cm | L 280 cm x W 140 cm | L 300 cm x W 149 cm

H 76cm Dining table
H 30cm Coffee table


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